Homemade Rose Facial Wet Wipes for glowing and radiant skin..बहुत ही आसान तरीका.. RJ SUSHMA के साथ👍

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel RJ Sushma’s World.

Friends Today I am going to make homemade wet wipes with simple few ingredients. They are:

1. Rose petals – 50 gram or more

2. Aloe Vera gel- 3 tbs

3. Glycerin- 1/2 tbs

4. Coconut /almond oil-1/2 tbs

5. Cotton tissues – as per requirements

Method-: Just take some rose petals from the market or from the shop near temple.boil them in mineral water for 2 minutes and let it cool. After it cooled down just add all the above ingredients and pour it into the cotton tissues kept in plastic or glass jar. You keep these wet wipes in the refrigerator for months.😊

It is very useful and convenient for everyone😊😊👍🌹
Thank you 😊

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