What Causes Diaper Rash AND How to Treat it Naturally!

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What Causes Diaper Rash?
It’s simple… While there are many reasons, essentially something is irritating the skin.

Let’s unpack what could be causing this irritation and how to fix it.

#1 Heat and Chafing
The irritation can simply be due to the heat and Baby’s thighs rubbing or chaffing their skin. If you notice the rash is basically in the skin creases around their bottom and inner thighs, this is your clue that chafing is the culprit.

What’s the solution?
Going diaper free to let the skin air out and heal. Or, you can use a thick ointment like X on the skin to prevent the chaffing. Once healed, you can stop using.

#2 Chemicals
Another reason for the diaper rash could simply be from chemicals in the diaper or diaper wipes.

What is the solution?
If you are using disposables diapers and wipes, try switching brands. Get a natural diaper like Earth’s Best, Bambo Nature, Honest, and Seventh Generation are all pure brands on the market. They also make fragrance free wipes without chemicals and fragrances.

If you use cloth diapers, Baby could be reacting from the laundry detergent you are using. Get rid of any fabric softeners or scented laundry soaps. Baby’s skin is super sensitive! Try Molly’s Suds, Seventh Generation or X to clean your diapers. You also may want to strip your diaper to release any stored ammonia. I have videos on cloth diapers and stripping diapers you can check out.

# 3 Ammonia
Speaking of chemicals, a major reason for diaper rash is because Baby is staying too long in the same diaper, especially overnight. The ammonia in the urine is very harsh on Baby’s skin.

What is the solution?
Until the rash heals, change Baby in middle of night. Or, find a more absorbent diaper for nightime. Also, be sure you are changing Baby’s diaper every 2-3 hours or so, especially after a bowel movement, while they have an acute rash. You can use simple coconut oil on the rash which helps to heal the skin mantle. Finally, a baking soda bath can be super healing with issues of ammonia. To use, mix a few tablespoons into a warm bath and soak Baby’s bottom for about 15 minutes once a day.

#4 Food reactions
If your Baby is on solids, he or she may be reacting to a new food.

What is the solution?
Cut out any newer foods and apply diluted raw apple cider vinegar to the rash and seal with coconut oil. You also may want to cut out any inflammatory foods like cow dairy, gluten, soy and corn as well as acidic foods like oranges or tomatoes. Slowly add back in any new food and watch for a reaction.

#5 Bacteria or Yeast
Occasionally, you could be dealing with a bacterial or yeast infection. Yeast rash looks different from regular diaper rash and can be harder to get rid of. This type of rash is really red, inflamed, and often looks like well-defined patches bordered by raised edges. And… it doesn’t go away with most diaper rash treatments.

What is the solution?
A zinc based diaper cream like X, cod liver oil or plain yogurt or kefir applied to the rash are some good options here. While some moms like to use Baby powder or breast milk to heal rashes, this is actually going to feed yeast so avoid these options.

You want to also focus on Baby’s overall gut health and start administering infant probiotics with your doctor’s approval. You can even make a diaper cream paste with coconut oil, which is antibacterial, and mix in your infant probiotic powder. Rub on Baby’s behind several times a day.

If that doesn’t do the trick, colloidal silver or a nystatin cream prescribed by your Baby’s doctor may be needed.

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