How to Use Yoni Detox Pearls!

How to use Yoni Detox Pearls

Are you ready to start your wombman healing journey? Start by detoxing unwanted energy and stagnation in your womb. Allow for your womb to renew itself with the use of these powerful herbal tampons that are popularly called Yoni Detox Pearls!

Not only does Yoni Detox Pearls help you renew your spirit, remove stagnation and blockages in your uterus or vagina – it helps with other issues too! Here are some of the benefits:

❇️ Increases elasticity
❇️Regulates the menstrual cycle
❇️Kills parasites and (bad) bacteria
❇️ Improves fertility
❇️ Reducing discharge
❇️ Removes toxins
❇️ Decreases Cyst and Fibroids
❇️ Reverses BV and Yeast Infections
❇️ Unblocks Fallopian Tubes
❇️ Purges old tissue cells and creates new tissue cells in uterus and vagina.

Here is a video on how to use the Yoni Detox Pearls and what not to do when using them!

Begin your journey today by purchasing your Yoni Detox Pearls on my website at this link below:

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