Full body wet wipes review – premium Travel Buddy wipes

Travel Buddy wet wipes are a must-have for any adventure.

Large, strong, biodegradable and really large wet wipes from Travel Buddy are a high-quality product.
If you are a hiker, climber, backpacker or you just go camping once in a while with kids this product is for you.
You must know the feeling of being sweaty after a whole day of physical activities. Full body wet wipes are an effective solution for a quick clean to feel fresh again.

I went thought a lot of various wet wipes on multiday hikes and wild camping. Travel Buddy wet wipes were the first to match my requirements and do the job they are designed for.

Buy Large Body Wet Wipes Biodegradable here:
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Large – larger than most of the wipes
Wet – a lot of moisture in each wipe
Biodegradable – 100% bamboo
Strong – difficult to tear them apart

Large pack – can be tricky to pack
Heavy – a lot of moisture
Price – £8 can get you a few budget packs

0:15 – Wet Wipes description
0:50 – Moisture content & sizes (20cm x 30cm) – yes, I know there is a TYPO in the video…
1:44 – Package description
2:56 – Wet Wipes Comparison
6:27 – Wet Wipes Pros & Cons
6:57 – Travel soap bar Bag case

What could be better?
Package – currently non-biodegradable. Be careful when you open the package as it can tear at the opening. No drama, but because wipes are very wet you can have your rucksack ‘flooded’.

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