*NEW PRODUCTS* How To Disinfect Your Car and Home! HyperShield & HyperBan – Chemical Guys

**One-step Cleaning and disinfecting!**
There is no place more important to keep clean than your home, and now keeping your home safe and free from germs is easier than ever than with Chemical Guys HyperShield! HyperShield Total Home antibacterial disinfectant Cleaner is a powerful multi-surface disinfecting spray that cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects in one step for a cleaner, fresher household. The missing step in Cleaning your car is to disinfect the high-touch areas in and around your car, but that’s here now! With the advanced easy to use effective antibacterial Cleaning action of HyperBan Complete Vehicle antibacterial disinfectant Cleaner, you can have confidence in your Cleaning. HyperBan contains no VOC’s, no abrasives, and is free of harsh chemicals and harsh Cleaning agents.

– HYPERSHIELD TOTAL HOME antibacterial disinfectant CLEANER:

– HYPERBAN COMPLETE VEHICLE antibacterial disinfectant CLEANER:

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