What products NOT to use to clean DOWN THERE

Here it is: what NOT to use clean down there. Yes, Dr. Lincoln is covering what products are **not** recommended for your vulva and vagina. Let’s call out the BS!

REFERENCES and RESOURCES to go deeper:

1. Dr. Jen Gunter – an OBGYN who I admire and the original Queen B of GYN Twitter – provides wise words on the Cleaning situation:

2. The American College of OB/GYN. FAQ: Vulvovaginal health.

3. Office on Women’s Health. Douching.


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39 thoughts on “What products NOT to use to clean DOWN THERE”

  1. I never used feminine washes until I started experiencing persistent ph balance issues. I wouldn’t discount Honey Pot because their products are all designed to aid in balancing your ph. So it’s a more about health than hygiene.

    Their sensitive wash seriously helped to alleviate a lot of my itching and dryness symptoms. (Their calming spray too.) Itching and dryness is a non issue for me now and it’s because of their product line.

    I also do other things like take a probiotic daily, monitor sugar intake, wear breathable underwear, use boric acid, etc. But the Honey Pot is also now a main feature of my healthy vagina arsenal.

  2. I have a question I was just at my local Walmart and I have serious cramping I’m not allowed to take typical meds due to health condition. But what are some herbal remedies you could advise I’ve been hearing about honeypot never tried them .they have pads with like oils on them .

  3. omg that does make sense! pap smear test result I have test positive for cancer but it re-examine it because floral scent inside thus I was healthy. I been using summer eve over 2 years

  4. Hello doctor, I recently went to the gynaecologist and she prescribed me a feminine wash(I need it because I might have a weak immune system that can’t fight infection well) but the wash has fragrance, lactic acid and glycolic acid!!! Do you think it’s good to use it or should I confront her about it?

  5. I kinda don't care about the fact that they profit off "making us feel dirty" I just want to know what soaps are safe to use when I'm on my period so I can wash off the blood and feel a little extra fresh. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. ♂️str8 guy here..✔️good to see girls talking about this amongst themselves..i couldnt do it
    🍑most of my girls were always clean..smelled like..healthy feminine pheromones essence
    💨others, i couldnt tell them about the fishy feces..i just..kindly stayed friends & didnt hook up
    🛀i noticed the clean ones took deep baths..often. that's clear..laws of physics & chemistry
    🧘‍♀️& if no tub around..in the standup shower, they found creative positions to get up in there
    🥀others..i think its diet & accidental neglect..flowers maybe need presoak cycles before rinse

  7. I had BV and what my gyno gave me wouldn't cure it, I used boric acid and it was gone in a week, no bv at my next appointment…I think what ppl say about products are suggestions but not all cats are the same

  8. Listening to you talk about the famine hygiene industry and I'm just like "yaaaas queen! Preach!" Fuck the beauty industry and their body shaming ways to lower our self-esteem. We are all goddesses

  9. Oh no I just bought a vagisil and now I’m like I know I shouldn’t use it but I paid money for it and don’t want to just throw it out 😩

  10. I’ve never had issues with bv or yeast infection. My routine was simple as you mentioned . I started using honey pot products and in the beginning I didn’t have any issues . I thought I’d found a product that was really about what it was promoting. I used the wash , the wipes, and the pads . Well , about 3 months in , i started to feel intense irritation! The irritation was so bad that it lasted for days after I stopped using the products and when I found reviews that other women experienced irritation and infections from the products , I realized I may have gotten suckered into the craze and the movement . At this point , idc if it’s plant based or not , I’m good on using products like these . I’ve always stayed away from them but I’ll never buy into it again after this lol . Thanks for the information!

  11. I have experience BV and I don’t know what to use. I’ve been using the blue honey pot wash and I haven’t experienced any irritation I’ve beeen using it for a year as well! But now I’m looking at the reviews. Is there any things that I can take to get rid of BV !????

  12. I came here looking for advice after considering switching from Summer’s Eve to Vagisil wash, since I think the Vagisil fragrance options sound more appealing to my personal tastes. This video is disappointing and I’m honestly tired of being told that I “don’t need” to use feminine washes or freshening sprays – not only does my OBGYN say they’re fine to use, and not only have they never caused me any issues, but they help a lot with the issue that I do deal with, and that’s an odor that I don’t like. The media hasn’t brainwashed me into thinking I’m “gross” otherwise – I’m a naturally sweaty person, and that affects my groin area, and I don’t like the smell of it. Also, what do you mean when you describe them as “loaded with chemicals”? Chemicals aren’t inherently bad – even water is a chemical. The notion that “chemicals are bad” is something doctors regularly have to combat, so I’m surprised to hear a doctor promoting the same thing others try to fight against – “all natural” does not necessarily mean better. Your comment guidelines say that this is no place for misinformation, but you really need to clarify a lot of what you said here, because otherwise, what YOU’RE saying could be considered misinformation in that regard. Also, I wish people promoting this idea of being against feminine washes and wipes and freshening sprays would put more consideration into women who struggle with groin odor from otherwise healthy nether regions, and wouldn’t brush off women’s insecurities about that kind of thing as just the result of marketing – like no, I care about it and I don’t like it. It’s the same reason people wear deodorant – people don’t want to smell themselves or feel excessive moisture, and they don’t want to worry about other people possibly smelling them.

  13. I have a question so if douching with just water is bad because it’s disrupting the good bacteria, does that mean that taking a bath or swimming in a pool or sitting in a hot tub is bad was well? All three of those things will allow water to enter the vaginal canal so would that also disturb the good bacteria? With this logic it seems like that would be the case so should I avoid those things and only stick to showers instead of baths?

  14. Something that I'm curious about. Feminine wipes are bad but what about baby wipes? I've seen many women use those instead because they're "safe for babies so they should be safe for me"

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