Why Butt Wipes Are Bad | 5 Alternatives to Flushable Wipes

If you think flushable wipes (aka butt wipes) are the best thing to clean your tushy after doing your business, think again! In this video, I give you 5 alternatives to using flushable wipes, and also tell you why butt wipes are bad to begin with – for our tushies and our pipes.

Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Edited by: George Sinfield

00:00 Start
00:10 Intro to tushy talk
00:59 Why flushable wipes (aka butt wipes) are bad
01:23 Fatbergs
01:45 Other problems flushables wipes cause
02:36 5 Alternatives to flushable wipes
02:40 #1 Wet toilet paper
02:58 #2 Toilet paper spray
03:55 #3 Toilet ottoman, aka household stool
04:46 #4 Bidet toilet seat like the TOTO Washlet
05:52 Why I love the TOTO washlet -excerpt from FLUSH TV: Hodding Carter & the TOTO Washlet
06:29 #5 Bidet toilet seat attachment
07:40 From the words of my grandma, aka how grandma traumatized me and my sister when we were kids by telling us how to go to the bathroom
10:14 Check out my public, curated custom playlists
11:16 End Credits

– DIY Toilet Spray Recipes
(This is the one I used – it’s the bomb!!!)

(This one uses vegetable glycerin, which I wasn’t so into.)

– Featured Music
I’m a Believer Cover by the Mona Lisa Twins

– Stool/Toilet “Ottoman”

– FLUSH TV Episode on TOTO Washlet
Hodding Carter & The TOTO Washlet

– TOTO Washlet
– $610

– Bidet Attachment
YouTube Video on Top 5 Best Bidet Attachments in 2020

Tushy Bidet Attachment

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