Wet Tissue Wipes Canister Rotary Hot Melt Glue Opp Labeling Applicator Machine

Wet Tissue and Wipes Canister Rotary Hot Melt Glue Opp Labeling Applicator machine

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1.The Best Labeling Solution For Wipes Canister
Hot melt glue opp labeling machine is the most suitable labeling solution for disinfectant wet wipes canister. As a matter of fact, the advantage of wipes opp labeling is reflected in lower label cost, faster labeling speed, higher labeling yield, wider product dimension range

2. Professional Labeling machine
XINHUA PACKSOUL Brand labeling are specialized in manufacturing hot adhesive melt glue bopp labeling machine for wet wipes canister of different types such as disinfecting wipes tissues, Baby wipes,PET wipes,Moist towelette,hygienic towelette,etc. The machine fits various types of popular wipes canister with diameters range 80-120mm,Height range 120mm-220mm.Canisters capacity from 24oz,31oz,55oz,60oz,70oz,76oz,85oz,to 100oz.

3. Rotary Opp Labeling machine for Wet Wipes Canister
Opp Labeling machine with canister rotary labeling mechanism such as wipes canister holder,presser,and rotation control PLC and Servo system.
machine Advantage:Faster in Labeling Speed,More Canister Dimensions-Adaptive
TECHNICAL PARAMETER of Rotary Opp Labeling machine
(1) Main machine size:1800L*1900W*2200H(mm)(customizable)
(2) machine Structure Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel
(3) Conveyor length:3M
(4) Weight:around 3000kgs
(5) Container Material:PE,HDPE,PET,PP,PS,Metal etc
(6) Glue:hot adhesive melt glue,glue on both end of label
(7) Label Material: OPP,BOPP,Complex film,Paper
(8) Label Shape:Roll type label paper inner core 152mm,,outer core Max 500mm
(9) Label Height Range (Blade Plate):Φ30~Φ180mm
(10) Product height:Φ35~Φ220mm
(11) Wipe Canister Labeling Speed Per Hour: 6000pcs to Max 18000pcs per hour
(12) Voltage:3 phase 220V/380V / 50/60hz
(13) Compressed Air:3HP-5HP
(16)Power Consumption:15KW

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