CRUNCH 4.1: Truth & Trust in Journalism | Webinar

Truth and trust experienced a year like no other during 2020. Amidst great cultural change, readers sought out high quality journalism as the debate around fact or fake intensified. Brands and agencies increasingly focused on ethical ad funding and now we live in a world where brands, agencies, employees, stakeholders, readers and viewers are actively inspecting their chosen media sources for purpose, ethics and practices.

Leading editorial figures, academics and analysts were brought together to discuss the industries most pressing challenges:

* Nic Newman, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, sets the scene for journalism in 2021.
* Riyad Emeran, Dennis, investigates whether the trend towards divisive opinion is encouraging the spread of misinformation – and how we can emerge from the rabbit hole.
* Kemi-Olivia Alemoru,, outlines the principles underlying their approach to reflecting opinion and leading opinion
* Anna-Sophie Harling, NewsGuard Technologies, explores how we draw the line between fact, opinion, and misinformation
* Rebecca Coombes, BMJ, shares how BMJ have grown and responded since COVID-19 catapulted their evidence-based opinion into the court of politics and public opinions.

And Ali Hanan CMRS, Creative Equals, shares her expertise and insight as she moderates the discussion.

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