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Everyday Things are Getting Crucial and Worse
Due to #Corona 😷
Stay Home Stay Safe and take or yourself and your loved ones.
Best Solution to Protect you From CoronaVirus. – IPA Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes
This multipurpose IPA wipe gives you ease of mind when it comes to Cleaning off your hands, door handles, mobile, glasses, kitchen appliances, laptop & much more.
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Multi-Purpose cleansing/sanitizing Wipes (Canister)
– It contains 69% alcohol which will give you bacteria, germs, virus-free Cleaning.
– It’s the best sanitizing wipes for your objects & hands.
– Each wipe gives you a refreshing lime fragrance when in use.
– Size of each wipes 15cm*20cm.(Canister)
– Net Qty: 60 pcs.

Multi-Purpose sanitizing Wet Wipes (Packet – 3*6 Wipes)
– Removes Dirt, Bacteria, Germs, & Viruses
– Effective & Quick Drying
– Easy to use.
Multi-purpose – Cleaning Mobile, Hands, Glasses, Door handle, Laptop, floor Cleaning

1. For external use only
2. Avoid contact with the eyes
3. Please keep out of reach of children.

ALLWIPES (Jainam Invamed Pvt Ltd.) Manufacture Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes/ Alcohol wet wipes to removes germs, dirt, viruses & bacteria & protect you from coronavirus.
We Have well Experienced R&D Team To Formulate the Best Cleaning wipes Products.

We also Do Third Party, Contract Manufacturing.
Many Big brands are being Manufactured at ALLWIPES (Jainam Invamed Pvt Ltd.)
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