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Are wet wipes flushable? In this video, we do a little experiment to see if they dissolve in water.

Are Baby wipe’s actually flushable?

In this video, Ronin and I are going to put
the manufacturer’s claims to the test.

I’ve been a scientist for one day

So Ro, did you know that North Americans spend
about 2.2 billion dollars on flushable wipes

every year?

That’s a lot of money to flush down the toilet.

It really is, but we get asked all the time
are flushable wipes actually flushable and

I think the reason people ask us that is because
even though they say they’re flushable on

the package, for a lot of these brands, a
lot of times they can still cause backups

and people are left wondering is that because
of this so-called flushable wipe, so what

we want to do today is we’re going to set
up a little experiment that has some water

and then also some different kinds of toilet
paper and a flushable wipe and we want to

see how these things break down over 24 hours
and maybe people can visualize a little bit

better why you shouldn’t put these down the

All right, so are you ready to get started
with the experiment?


Okay let’s do it.

So here we got, one ply,

two ply,

and Baby wipes.

And we’re gonna put them in water for 24 hours.

All right time to start the experiment.

(monkey noises)

First we have to do one ply, then two ply,
then Baby wipe

Go go go go go

Now we have to wait 24 hours

So what were the results of the experiment

How did number one go?

One ply looks

like it it dissolved a lot that’s disgusting
oh gross so gross okay

But it is pretty cool

It is cool

and it did dissolve

and like, if you like spin around it will

Like this?

Yeah I bet it will too

How about we try
the two-ply let’s see what happened to that

Ugh! Gross very slimy but the good news is it also
broke down so that’s uh very good for the

two-ply because you want it to break down
so it goes down the drain

Eww! It broke down so much I can’t even get it off my fingers

Okay, now let’s see what happened with the Baby wipe

It didn’t dissolve at all!

This thing didn’t dissolve at all you could
see how a few of these got together in a group

they’d absolutely be able to block your pipe
if you block that pipe what’s going to happen

after that?

It’s going to get plugged!

going to get plugged

and then you’re going to be flushing and all of that…

And you’ll need to call my dad

(laughs) And you’ll need to call me at Plumbing Paramedics

And Uncle Devon!

And maybe Uncle Devon

So hopefully this video was helpful to you, now you know even if it says flushable on the package

don’t flush it

just stick to normal regular toilet paper and you should shouldn’t have any problems

Thanks very much for watching our video have a great day

Okay you’re supposed to turn it off now.

So Ronin wait see this mess us up

Yep okay let’s try that again because Dad’s not good at this.

No you’re not.

So Ro, did you know that North Americans spend
about 2.2 billion dollars on flushable wipes

every year?

Yip – I mean no, no sorry!

Okay messed up! Again!

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