Wet tissue packing machine 30-120pcs wet wipes making machine hand sanitizer wipes machine

Wet tissue packing machine 30-120pcs wet wipes making machine hand sanitizer wipes machine
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Production process of wet tissue packing machine:
2 rolls of non-woven fabric on the machine → slitting → N-folding in the width direction → adding liquid → Squeeze out excess liquid and traction → cutting off → counting → entering the packaging film
1 roll of packaging film on the machine → following cursor / fixing length feeding → punching elliptical holes → sticking seals → wrapping wet wipes → longitudinal back sealing → reciprocating horizontal sealing and cutting→ coding → finished product delivery (without plasic cover )
Technical parameters of wet tissue making machine:
✅Applicable products: Multi-piece wipes with gusseted packaging in various sizes and liquid types
✅Folding method and size: Raw material non-woven fabric width 900-1250mm; 150-250mm after slitting, N-fold; Longitudinal cut without folding, 140-200mm
✅Raw material paper tube inner diameter: 3 inches (75mm)
✅Raw material diameter: non-woven fabric≦1000mm; packaging film≦400mm
✅Raw materials and width of packaging film: Various 0pp heat seal film/composite film/aluminum-plastic composite film/pearl film etc.;(Product packaging width + height) ✖2➕2, less than 450mm
✅Finished wipes outer packaging size range: 80-150mm width; 150-300mm length; 10-100mm height
✅Production speed: 20-60 packs/min,Speed is determined according to the number of pieces per pack
✅Power: 220v, 50hz, 11kw
✅Weight: 4500kg
✅Dimension: 14500mm*4000mm*1950mm
✅Air compressor: 0.5-0.7 (Mpa)
✅Equipment material: Stainless steel
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