Picking The Right Mushroom For Every Recipe – The Big Guide | Epicurious

Join Chef Adrienne Cheatham for a deep dive into everything you’d ever need to know about cooking with mushrooms. What’s the best preparation for each variety? Which can swap in and out of recipes with ease? Chef Adrienne will break it all down, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to be successful in all your mushroom endeavors.

0:00 Introduction
1:06 Chapter 1 – The Big Three
1:44 White Button
3:23 Cremino
4:21 Portobello
7:19 Chapter 2 – Woody Mushrooms
7:40 Shiitake
8:59 Enoki
9:37 Maitake
13:43 Chapter 3 – Oysters, Trumpets, & Lion’s Mane, Oh My!
13:58 Oyster
16:14 Lion’s Mane
17:18 Reishi
18:09 King Trumpet
21:00 Chapter 4 – Specialty Mushrooms
21:24 Hedgehog
22:41 Chanterelle
23:15 Porcini
23:46 Morel
24:34 Black Truffle

Special thank you to Smallhold for providing mushroom grow kits for this episode. To check out their grow kits or purchase other mushrooms they grow head to

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