Dreamy Music Ukulele ll XimiVogue ll

*Product Description:

~ Weight: 486 gm
~ Size: 570 * 180 * 60 mm
~ Material: ABS Plastic, Metals

*Product Features:

~ For beginner. Can be tuned and produce high-quality sound.
~ Made of ABS material. Reliable.
~ Helps to exercise children’s hand-eye coordination.
~ Helps to cultivate children’s musicality.
~ Helps to promote parent-children interaction.
~ Exquisite details.


~ Remove the package, tune the ukulele and use.


~ Please replace the battery if the sound begins to trail off.
~ Wipe with a dry Cleaning cloth if needed.
~ Do not litter the packaging for environmental protection.
~ Do not store in damp place. Keep it away from fire and high temperature.
~ Wipe dry if the battery gets wet.
~ Please turn off and remove the battery if the product will not be used for a long time.
~ Children should use MP3 cable under supervision of adults, to avoid inserting it into a wrong port.

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