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1-2 Wet & Dry Wipes Cleaning Cloths Tool For Tempered Glass Screen Protector Guard Film For All Mobile Phone Camera Tablet.

It is for mobile phones, tempered glass, cameras, MP4, tablet PCs, digital cameras, camera lenses and screens, clocks, navigation systems, game consoles, books, computers, and other digital products that need protection film.
Pair of Professional Screen Cleaning Paper Wipes with 1 Wet Wipe for preparation and 1 Pc of Dry Wipe to Remove the smudges, dust, dirt, etc.
This is best used before the application of any protective film like Tempered Glass, Screen Guard, etc on the display screen of your gadget, which cleans the display Crystal Clear so that there is no hindrance between the protective glass and your display.
Easy and convenient to use. Step 1 Use the Wet Wipe to clean the display screen, let it air dry. Do take care there is no dust or dirt, smudge, and fingerprint marks on the display, and then Use the Wipe Marked as Dry Wipe to perfectly clean the screen.

(100 PCS.)

(50 PCS)

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