Dignity Spongee Soft Body Cleansing Wet Wipes for Adult, 240×300 mm, 10 Wipes/Pack (Pack of 6)

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Spongee Body Wipes are Clinically Proven for mildness and are extremely gentle and soft on the skin. These are 100% Alcohol and Paraben-Free.

Crafted from a super-soft, Hypoallergenic fabric, Spongee Body cleansing Wipes are safe even on the most sensitive of skins. Use these to prevent rashes or any kind of skin allergies and infections.

Enriched with a mild refreshing fragrance, Spongee Body cleansing Wipes add a feeling of freshness throughout the day.

Spongee Body Wipes can be used warm, cold or at room temperature. To heat, simply open the sealing sticker a bit and put the wipes in a microwave (750 W) for a minute. While using them cold, refrigerate them for an hour or two

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