Our Project (2021)The Biggest Wet Wipes Converter in China_Wet Wipes Production Line

What does a modernized wet wipes converter look like?
How many wet wipes machines do they have?

This video shows you around the premise of our client: the leading wet wipes manufacturer of the largest size in China:

👉A premise of 40,000 Sq Meters housing 80 Automated high performance wet wipes production lines.

👉Class 100,000 GMP-Compliant Clean Room designed and built by Droid Team to make wet wipes of the highest quality standard.

👉Spunlace nonwoven fabric produced in-house which leads to competitive pricing advantage.

This capacity boost enables a guarantee of fast time-to-market.(Note that most wet wipes manufacturers only have 3 automated wet wipes manufacturing machines at most ).

With the use of DROID’s high speed automated wet wipes manufacturing machines, the unit manufacturing cost of their wet wipes is 5% percent lower than their competition so they have gain decent profits even in the difficult pandemic time.

I believe there are many people who also want to invest in good quality wet wipes production line.

If you have dreamed of setting up a modern wet wipes factory like this, you are in the right place.

Droid’s vision is to help global wet wipes converters leap from “Good to Great”,set the benchmark and lead the market with the exclusive supply of

1️⃣All types of Advanced high speed wet wipes production lines
2️⃣Class 10,000 GMP-Compliant Clean Room design and construction
3️⃣Selected Wet wipes raw material supply

If you want to join our customers to get a new business opportunity, Call or mail to our sales engineers to get a quote on the wet wipes production line that can help you grow your wet wipes business.

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