We Make Wet Wipes Machines & Help You Build Modern Wet Wipes Manufacturing Premise(Our Project 2021)

You’re probably here because you do not know where to buy a good quality wet wipes machines from China. You might have been sold wet wipes production lines that did not live up to expectations or you are new in wet wipes business and are looking for a reliable & experienced wet wipes machines supplier to guide you on the right track with shortest time to market.

This video takes you inside one of the biggest wet wipes converter in North China that houses 10 sets o f wet wipes machines bought from DROID in a modern wet wipes manufacturing premise of 9000m2 designed by DROID’s team.

With the use of DROID’s high speed automated wet wipes manufacturing machines, this wet wipes converter is able to produce up to 35Million Pieces of Wet Wipes Per day and thus becomes one of the biggest wet wipes producer in North China.

I believe there are many people who also want to invest in good quality wet wipes machines meanwhile setting up a high standard wet wipes manufacturing premise.

Either way, DROID is here to help.
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