How To Clean Any Hat! | Sweat Stains, Dirt, And More!

We feel like we have found a SIMPLE solution for Cleaning any hat! We show you how to clean sweat stains on your hat, as well as just about anything else! No hat cages or extra things, just one Cleaning solution!

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For simply Cleaning your golf hat, baseball hat, or any other hat, we use the Magic Eraser (support the channel with paid link here: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – You could also use other similar, non branded products as well.

In this video, we show you our technique for Cleaning a hat, especially hats with extreme sweat stains. We also give an example of Cleaning a white hat, as we know how easily dirt starts to show.

As with trying any new Cleaning technique on a hat, make sure to test a small area first to make sure you won’t damage the entire hat. We have used this Cleaning technique on multiple types of hats made of different materials, and it has been quite effective.

We did a follow up video in a YouTube short to show another example of us Cleaning a hat with the magic eraser, but showing the hat completly dry one day later (

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