How to Maintain Prince Lionheart everFRESH® Pillow in Ultimate™ Wipes Warmer

All Prince Lionheart’s Wipes Warmer (except Compact Wipes Warmer) features the patented everFRESH System® to keeps wipes moist, fresh and non-browning.
The pillow helps keep the wipes moist and fresh, fighting off bacteria with the EPA-approved anti-microbial additive within the Ever-Fresh Pillow, all while preventing the bottom of your wipes warmer from browning. By the way, browning is normal and expected. It is not burning. It is the result of the oxidation process when wipes with various additives are warmed, similar to an apple that oxidizes and turns brown once it is cut; it is safe to eat, just a little unsightly.

Highly-dense micro-porous pillow absorbs and releases moisture to ensure freshness
Rinse, Re-saturate Each Time You Refill Your Wipes, Or About Every Week
Reuse Each Pillow For 3 Months Before Replacing
Made From Baby-Safe Material And Treated With An EPA-Approved Anti-Microbial To Prevent Mold Growth.

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everFRESH PIllow

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