Sanitizing Wet Wipes Production Line (2021)_Pocket Wet Tissue Machine

sanitizing Wet Wipes production line (2021)_Pocket Wet Tissue machine

Several of Droid’s customers who bought a sanitizing Wet Wipes production line have earned more than $50,000 a day to produce 75% alcohol sanitizing wet wipes in the pandemic when sanitizing wipes are found effective in fighting against covid-19.

However, not all wet wipes machines in the market are qualified to run 75%-80% alcohol sanitizing wet wipes due to the highly- explosion feature of alcohol.

Luckily you are in the right place if you are also looking for an automated wet wipes making machine that is suitable to make on-the-go pocket wipes.

Besides sanitizing wipes, DROID’s UT-FL4 Model can also make Personal care wipes, Baby wipes,Bed bath wet towel,disinfectant wipes,antibacterial wipes,Hand sanitizing wet wipes,Feminine wipes,Biodegradable wet wipes.

Call or mail to our sales engineers to get a quote on this high speed Pocket Wet Tissue machine that can get you new business opportunities.

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