VCare丨Professional Manufacturer of Soft Baby Wet Wipes in China

VCare丨Professional Manufacturer of Soft Baby Wet Wipes in China
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For babies, their skin is relatively tender. Some of the wet wipes on the market basically contain alcohol, preservatives, and spices, and some brands of wet wipes have not passed national tests for safety, and all indicators are unqualified. Infants use these for a long time. Unhealthy wipes can irritate the skin. In addition, the main component of Baby wipes is water, and according to the performance of wet wipes, the market is divided into ordinary Cleaning wipes and sanitary antibacterial wipes. Babies can choose ordinary Cleaning wipes.

Of course, the material and composition of Baby wipes directly determine its quality. When choosing, it is recommended to avoid chemical fibers and try to choose all-cotton materials. Moreover, in terms of smell, it is not suitable to choose wet wipes with excessive fragrance. Wet wipes with pungent aroma are added with chemical preservatives or too much fragrance, which can easily cause allergic reactions. Babies should use wet wipes with a mild smell and a softer smell. Personally, I have used many brands of wet wipes, but I still feel that Vcare’s wet wipes are easier to use and meet all my requirements. I also recommend it to everyone!

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