DUDE Wipes Medicated Flushable Wipes

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DUDE Wipes Medicated flushable Wipes, fragrance Free Wet Wipes with Witch Hazel, Vitamin E & Aloe, 48 Count

Medicated flushable Wipes: New DUDE Wipes Medicated flushable Wipes with Witch Hazel offer maximum strength medicated cool relief with witch hazel soothes and provides temporary relief of irritation and burning

Cool and Refreshing Relief: Our formulation contains 50 percent witch hazel and is great for hemorrhoid treatment or daily flushable Wet Wipe use to give your butt a clean, more refreshing finish that toilet paper dreaded toilet paper

A Gentle Touch: Made of 99 percent water and plant based ingredients, DUDE Wipes are Hypoallergenic as well as alcohol and paraben free; You’ll never look at an empty toilet paper roll the same way again

Upgrade Your Throne: No more searching aisles and hauling bulky toilet paper home; Get your wiping needs delivered to your door with our easy to use at home dispensers

The DUDE Wipes revolution was born one fateful day in our Chicago apartment, when we quit harsh toilet paper for Baby wipes and were forever changed; Today we make self care products for DUDES that get the job done and leave you feeling refreshed

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