How To Buy any Solana base Project and shitcoins On Solana Dex

Hey guys! in todays video, I’m going to be showing you how to buy any solana base project and shitcoins on any solana dex.


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If you have been looking for a solana projects to invest on but doesnt know how to go about that, then you can check the below link for my previous video that shows you how to Make Quick X50 Trading Solana Shitcoins that will Explode and how to discover this solana projects.

If you already watched the video but finds it difficult to buy those solana project, then this video is for you. After watching this video, you will be able to buy any solana project on any solana dex.

Link To Coingecko Recently added coin

Link To Discover Shitcoins on Dexlab

Solana DEX

Solana Mobile Wallet

Solana PC wallet

Solana Scan (solscan)

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