Full Automatic Wet wipes machine | How wet wipes are made

How wet wipes are made? Full Automatic Wet Wipes Wet production line Introduction

The Wet Wipe making machine manufactured by Yugong Machinery can satisfy daily use wipes, Baby wipes, ladies wipes, nursing wipes, makeup remover wipes, sanitary wipes, catering wipes, hotel wipes, kitchen wipes, alcohol wipes, Disinfection wipes, industrial wipes, and other wet wipes production requirements.

*Suitable Material: Spunlace nonwoven, hot rolling nonwoven fabrics, Airlaid paper
*Packaging Film: OPP/PE, PET/PE ,PET/AL/PE
*GSM of raw material: 40-80g/m2
*Capacity Speed : 3500-4800 psc/min (25-60 bags)
*Folding Way: “Z” “W” ”C” type
*Size of product (unfolded): (135-170)x(170-210)mm (LxW) (Modifiable)
*Size of product (folded): (135-170) x (90-110)mm (LxW) (Modifiable)
*Electrical source: AC380V 50/60Hz
*Power: 15Kw

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