The Problem With Wet Wipes – What You Should Flush…

Wet wipes are very common place in our modern lives, removing makeup, wiping up mess, be it caused by our little ones, or kitchen and bathroom clean up. They are both easy and convenient.

Unfortunately, they are also common place in the environment. Flushing wet wipes down the toilet is the biggest cause of sewer blockages. When sewers are blocked, waste can make its way into our waterways and shorelines through storm water overflows.

The vast majority of wet wipes contain microplastic fibres that do not biodegrade. This can include wet wipes marketed as “flushable“. As you’ll see in this video, even the “flushable” wipes do not breakup in the same way as toilet paper, and still pose a risk to our sewer systems until they breakdown.

The best thing that we can do to avoid these problems is to only flush the three ‘P’s, Pee, Poo and Paper. We’re not going to tell you to outright stop using wet wipes, although that would be the best course of action. Instead, get a bin a waste for your bathroom, one with a lid, and use that to dispose of your wet wipes.

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