THE FILTHIEST THINGS IN HOMES & HOW TO CLEAN THEM | Clean Them with Me with Hacks & Tips

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Today we are Cleaning what are generally the filthiest places and things in peoples homes that you may have been forgetting to clean. Follow along as I go through this list of dirty items and share Cleaning hacks and how I best know to clean them. Affiliate links to items I shared below!

-UV Phone Cleaner:
-Compressed Air Cleaner:
-Powder Tide: OUT OF STOCK
-Electric Cleaning Brush:
-Cutting Board with Sleeves:

-Electric Grout Brush:
-Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:
-Wood Cleaner:
-Multipurpose Cleaner:
antibacterial Cleaner:
-Granite Cleaner:
-Stainless Steel Cleaner:
-Cordless Vac/Handvac:
-Dyson Vac (got at Costco but linking to store that doesn’t require membership):
-Scrub Daddy Power Paste:
-Dish Soap:
-2 in 1 Soap/Scrubber:
-Wet Vac:
-Spinning Mop:
-Free & Clear Dish Soap:
-Swiffer Duster:

-Breakfast Nook:
-Counter Height Island Chairs:
-Bedframe (see below for alternative):
-My exact frame is often sold out. HERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE:
-Side Tables:
-Lift Top Table:

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