Doctor explains SMEGMA – aka build up of white material under the penis foreskin & how to clean it!

Doctor O’Donovan explains smegma (commonly referred to in slang as ‘dick cheese’), including definition, causes, complications and management (including how properly wash and clean under the penis foreskin).

It is a common condition and can affect both men and women.

This video will be of interest to medical professionals (doctors, nurses etc.), health care students (medical and nursing students), those preparing for exams – (medical school finals, GP AKT, USMLE,) and the general public interested in health education. It is designed with the non-specialist in mind.

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Disclaimer and clarifying the purpose of this video:
The video is intended as an educational resource only. The information within this video or on this channel isn’t designed to replace professional input, so if you have any medical issues please consult a medical provider. No professional relationship is being created by watching this video. Dr. O’Donovan cannot give any individual medical advice. All information should be verified for accuracy by the individual user. Dr O’Donovan accepts no responsibility for individual interpretation of data, although it is always accurate to the best of his knowledge at the time of the video being published. This is not a clinical information video or intended to be used as a clinical resource. It is only intended as an educational video.

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