Wet Wipes Machine in Korea(2022)_High Speed 52 lanes_한국 물티슈 기계

| Korea | Wet Wipes machine in Korea(2022)_High Speed 52 lanes_한국 물티슈 기계

DROID has set up another successful wet wipes project in South Korea.

With the use of DROID’s 52 lanes high speed automated wet wipes production line, the unit manufacturing cost of their wet wipes is 10% percent lower than their competition so they have gain decent profits even in the difficult pandemic time.
I believe there are many people who also want to invest in good quality wet wipes machine.

If you want to join our customers to get a new business opportunity, Call or mail to our sales engineers to get a quote on the wet wipes production line that can help you grow your wet wipes business.
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