10-200wipes Multi-purpose Wet Wipes Production Line(2022)_ High Speed Wet Wipes Machine_DROID

10-200wipes Multi-purpose Wet Wipes production line(2022)
Automatic High Speed Wet Wipes machine

If you are looking for an automatic wet wipes machine that can produce all types of wet tissue such as Baby wipes, kitchen wipes, wet toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, sanitizing wipes, pets wipes etc in diversified packaging formats, this multi-purpose wet wipes production line is right for you.

Model: UT-BM12(20)+UT-LM70
Output wipes: 10-200pcs/pack
Speed: 70-80packs/min
Work flow: Tissue unwinding- tissue folding- tissue wetting-stacking-wet wipes packaging-lid application

Customers can save a huge amount of money by investing only on a single wet wipes production line that can easily cater to diversified market demand.

I believe there are many people who also want to invest in good quality wet wipes manufacturing machines.

If you also want to invest on such multi-purpose wet wipes machine, Call or mail to our sales engineers to get a quote on this high speed automated wet tissue manufacturing machine.

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