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Listen up, adults! These babies have a message for you – NO MORE PLASTIC WIPES! #LivePura
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We put babies first, with anti-allergy, organic ingredients and sustainable, biodegradable materials. So you’re protecting their skin and protecting their future too. Pura’s sustainable Baby wipes are made from biodegradable plant fibres, making them 100% plastic-free, 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and 100% vegan safe and Animal Cruelty free.

They even come in recyclable packaging! 90% of other Baby wipes contain plastic. But not ours. Available in flushable and non-flushable. When we say toilet flushable, we mean it! Pura’s flushable Baby wipes are the only toilet flushable Baby wipes officially accredited by Water UK as ‘Fine to Flush’. It’s the only standard you can trust, and we’ve passed all the tests to prove it.

And we’re not stopping with Baby wipes! We’re the only nappy brand to partner with NappiCycle, the complete nappy recycling service. Together, we’re working to keep nappies out of landfill and turn them into everything from housing materials, to notice boards for schools and nurseries.

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