PIRU Black Ultra soft cotton Dry Wipes for Baby and Adults Body Facial Tissue cleansing Cotton Wipes

Ultra Soft Dry Wipe for Senstive Skins
Dry wipes are cleansing products often used in healthcare environments like hospitals, nurseries, care homes, and other places where it is important to maintain good hygienic standards.

As the name suggests, dry wipes are manufactured without any added Cleaning solution – unlike wet wipes which come pre-saturated.

Different types of dry wipe have different properties, but they all tend to be strong, soft and absorbent. This means that they can be used for a range of different purposes including drying, wiping surfaces, Cleaning patients and more.

dry wipes
Soft cotton Tissue
Madeup of Non wooven Soft Ebross
Can be used as Dry wipes
Can be used as Washcloth
Can be used as Wet wipes just adding Water
Prefect for Diaper Bags
Dry wipes is suitable for Diaper bags. Easy to handle and travel.

Mini Sized Cleaansing Dry Wipes
8×8 Inches
Dry Wipes are mini in sized compatible for Baby senstive skins.

Size : 8×8 inches

foldable size : 8×4 inches

Travel Size
50 Wipes in a pack.

Easy to Carry in Airplane and Car Travel

Dry wipes for Baby

dry wipes for adults

wipes for makeup removing

Dry Baby Wipes
GREAT FOR Baby CARE & SENSITIVE SKIN: These dry Baby wipes are designed for ultimate care on delicate and sensitive skin for children, teens, and adults. They’re exactly like the cloths used in hospitals, just a little smaller, and great for diaper changes and Cleaning up your Baby.

For Wiping cleansing Baby after bath.
Safe for Baby Senstive Skin
Non Moistened / Chemical Free
These wipes are medical wipes which are use in hospitals
Senior Care / Adults Wipes and Washcloth
These large washcloths are great for homecare and nursing home for incontinence and other elderly care uses.

disposable to avoid cross contamination, these incontinence wipes are non flushable.

facial Wipes Tissue
As thick as paper towels, but as soft and gentle as tissues, these wipes can be used for face and body for makeup removal, cleansing, and any other use.

Perfect for use on sensitive skin.

dry wipes


dry wipes for cleansing

Multi Purpose Wipes
These dry wipes can be used as Cleaning wipes at home, soft cotton tissues, or a multitude of other uses.

Thick, soft, and non-abrasive, they can be used on just about any surface safely

For Home, Office and Bathroom
For Cleaning Desk, Counters and all surface
Safe for wood,Tiles, Granite,Glass etc
Multi Purpose Wipes
Premium grade medical supplies for hospitals, nursing homes & medical facilities. These are perfect for home, business and travel use.

Non-Moistened – Can be used as wet wipes just adding water.
fragrance-Free, Chemical-free, Additive Free
Ultra soft-spun Fabric
Keep our wipes in your bathroom, bedroom, or any room of your home to clean your body or any surface easily. They’re perfect to wash patients at senior centers, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, health care facilities, and any professional setting.

Dry and Wet Dual Use

Use as dry wipes to clean hands, face, runny nose, electronic products, etc.

Add liquid to become Wet Wipe, ideal for makeup removal, house Cleaning, etc.

Skin around and inside the nose is sensitive and can easily get irritated after frequent blowing.

Winner cotton tissues are significantly reducing the red nose symptoms.

Winner facial cotton tissue also can be dry and wet use.

Add water to became wet wipes, help you to clean Baby‘s mess quickly.

Face towels are easy to breed bacteria in bathroom.

Cotton tissue can instead of face towel and will be much cleaner to dry your face after washing.

dry wipes
Multipurpose Dry wipes
Multipurpose use
Applicable to wash and clean face, makeup removal, wipe perspiration. Convenient and lightweight, easy to carry out with a package bag. It has multiple uses, is a good companion for skincare. 100% non-woven fabric Make sure your face, shoulders, and neck are clean and soft.

They are fragrance-free, and perfect for those messy situations, whether it be during mealtimes, diaper changes and more.

Made with natural cotton spun lace non-woven which is environmental, will not produce pollution to nature after finishing use.

Recycled : 100% plant fibers. Lint-free non-woven fabric. SAFE TO USE Wet and dry dual-use, no chemical addition, soft and comfortable, good quality. Non-irritating, no harm to skin.
Organic Cotton Wipes
Our Organic Cotton Wipes have all the same great features as our regular Cotton Dry Wipes, but are made from 100% organic cotton perfect for babies and newborns with extra sensitive skin.

If you are a new parent who is beginning to understand how your adorable little darling can become one big old mess within minutes, you will appreciate the power dry wipes.

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