fully automatic wet wipes making packaging production line

PENGLAI Manufactures Different kinds of packaging machines which can be categorized as below:
Penglai Filling Machines:
Penglai Capping Machines:
PenglaI Sealing Machines:
Penglai Labeling Machines:
Penglai Filling Bottling Line:
Penglai Filling Sealing Line:
Penglai Packing Machines:
Penglai Processing Machines:
Penglai Small Semi Automatic Machines:
PenglaI Customized Machines:
Customers reference for finding who in your land bought the PENGLAI-buillt Machines and What Machines purchased;
Nearly Every business transaction is recorded in
Penglai News pages:
(Notice: Due to the Large quantitiies of Orders placed by more than 2000 customers through the world so far; As the time goes by the number keeps increasing and boosting We try our best to refreshing the page to keep you posted).
FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q: How can I be sure to get assurance after payment?
A: In China, there is anti-money laundry policy, for which the government strictly manages every payment from abroad. The payment you made will firstly go to their managing account,and only when we submit bill of loading to them, payment will be released to us;
the payment will be returned to you or pended by State Administration of Foreign Exchange,SAFE. if we are not able to make shipment and submit bill of lading within lead time.
2. Q: How can I be sure the machine will absolutely work for my product?
A: We will test run the machine once the building completes for 10 minutes, with your sample product ( when sample product is a must) and send you test run video to prove the machine works well and stable, for your product, before balance payment and shipment.
3. Q: Will you send technical staff to help me with installation and operation training?
A: The machine will be packed with little disassembly in one plywood crate, so they will be plug and use type, no need special installation.
We will also send you installation and operating tutorial videos before shipment.Remote assistance by video call or meeting is available as well.
In rare cases, we can send technical staff if desperately needed, but there is 150USD/day engineer salary and flight ticket, visa application, travelling, board and lodging shall be at buyer’s account.
4. Q: How many years warranty and how do I do the machine repairing & maintenance?
A: One-year warranty from the date of shipment, during which if any parts fault, we will courier to your replacing parts with replacing instructions, all at our cost.
The replacing is simple and easy to be completed by anybody.
The machines are maintenance free types, some daily lubrication will prolong the service life though.
5. Q: When can i expect my email or questions to be replied?
A: Our working time is 9:00am–18:00pm Monday–Saturday, any email shall be replied within 24 hours normally.
For an enquiry, the most recommended way of contact is by email, by sending your final product&photos to our email,due to our possible time difference.
6.Q: How long can I receive machine if I place the order?
A:machine building takes 3-60 work days depends on the degree if customization.
Tabletop small machines usually takes only 3-7 work days to build, and larger, more customized machines normally takes 20 work days.
Some very customized built machines that require designing from scratch ,may take 40 work days or even more.
Shipping time will be 3-40 days depending on the shipping service you choose( courier, air or ocean shipping) and the distance of the ship-to country from China.
7.Q: How to preceed the business?
A:Customer confirms order–Supplier sends contract–Customer pays 50% prepayment &sends out samples for machine built–Supplier starts designing after confirming receival of payment and samples–starts raw material purchasing–
processing of parts–assembling parts–PLC programming&commisioning–machine test run with the samples and sends test run video to customer for approval–test run video approved–customer pays balance–supplier makes plywood crates and processes shipping–supplier sends the needed import customs clearance documents
machine received and cusomer easily installs and operates the machine,with the tutorial video by supplier–Any issues, customer sends video and supplier responds with tutorial files.
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