OYO Baby 98% water based baby wipes for delicate and sensitive skin for newborn Review #oyobaby

Oyo Baby’s gentle Baby wipes are strongly recommended for your little bud. Each sheet is smooth and ideal for babies’ delicate skin. For babies, Cleaning during diaper changing is a task that can also make the skin around the area of the body covered by diapers very delicate, so Oyo Baby’s Water wipes should be used to clean this area to prevent rashes and redness. The Baby wipes pack is easy to carry and reduces the clutter that occurs when changing diapers. Enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, calendula and Vitamin E, Oyo Baby’s Wipes are gentle enough to soothe the Baby‘s bottom during the diaper change. Wet wipes can also be used to gently cleanse Baby skin. The natural ingredients ensure that the Baby remains bacteria-free all day. Our wipes are safe to be used by the entire family. These multipurpose wipes can be used to remove make-up, clean the face, hands, or after a diaper change. These wipes not only clean but moisturize your skin as well.

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