Dog wipes are the perfect way to keep clean between washes, but not all dog wipes are created equal.

100% compostable, made in New Zealand and pH balanced for a dog’s coat, Dr Lisa’s dog wipes are very different from most other brands that are made in China and not biodegradable.

In this video Dr Lisa explains the common issue of over washing and identifies the factors you should be mindful of when choosing your dog wipes.

Overwashing is a real problem! In fact, most of my patients are always surprised when I tell them they should only be washing their dog once every 4-6 weeks AT MOST because many shampoos strip the natural oils and is leading to a dry skin and coat, which can make them even more stinky.

In many cases it can even contribute to chronic skin irritation , itching and potentially skin disease. Maybe some B-roll of dog scratching/itching.
The natural temptation is to wash our dog when they are dirty or stinky.

My advice is to cut down the shampoo washes and focus on a routine of daily brushing and conditioning! Sounds counterintuitive – but in most cases, less washing leads to a healthier, better smelling coat because it allows the natural skin oils to do their job and protect the skin and coat.
If your dog has a specific skin condition, your vet may have prescribed a specific treatment, which you should stick to. But for the rest of dogs, it’s as simple as massaging in a good quality leave-in conditioner and then brush, brush and brush some more.

This not only removes loose hair and debris, and reduces matting, it also feels good for your dog and a great way to bond with them.
If they happen to be absolutely filthy, they may just need a good wash with a mild cleanser. Wherever possible though, I would just spot clean with a damp towel before the conditioning and brushing.

This is all good in theory, but not everyone carries around a dog towel at all times for when these situations arrive. It is certainly not the most convenient accessory for a handbag

For years my response was ‘Baby Wipes’. I used them to clean around my fluffy dog’s mouths after meals. They are convenient, inexpensive and perfect for the job.

But deep down I was always conflicted for a number of reasons!
From an environmental perspective, disposable Baby wipes are not ideal. The vast majority are not biodegradable, some contain plastics and just contribute to landfill

Baby wipes are not pH balanced for a dog’s skin and contain synthetic fragrances and preservatives that can cause irritation. They are also often too small in size and not wet enough to use on a furry coat.
I knew I could do better!… a product I could wholeheartedly recommend without reservation.

After some extensive research I found there were a few wipes on the market billed as ‘dog wipes’. My issue was these wipes were typically manufactured in China and contained harsh ingredients that I would certainly not use in a formulation. Above all else though, they were not compostable!

So began my 18 month journey to create a product specifically for dogs, without compromising on quality or sustainability. A product that was manufactured locally to the highest standard to ensure the right ingredients are used. – not the cheapest ingredients!!

It has been a long process, but I am proud of what we have created. Our bamboo wipes are manufactured in NZ, pH balanced for a dog’s coat,, and most importantly they are the most compostable alternative on the market. You can simply pop them in the compost bin or bury them in soil and they will completely break down in around 6 weeks.

WIth over 2000 5 star reviews, I have been blown away by the feedback from our community! If you want a simple coat care solution. Our wipes, leave-in conditioner, colognes and brushes are the waterless way to keep your dog clean and smelling fresh between washes. Just follow these steps…Wipe, condition, brush and Spritz… it is that easy!

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