【30-12 Pieces】 High Speed ​​Flow Packing Wet Wipes Machine

Wet Wipe manufacturing process includes a Wet Wipe machine and a wet wipes packaging machine. The Wet Wipe packaging machine is a fully automatic reciprocating packaging machine.
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30-12 Pieces High Speed ​​Flow Packing Wet Wipes machine
This machine adopts 8 sets of cloth racks, with automatic slitting and double roll racks.
◎ Each roll of raw material is independently automatically opened, and the automatic feeding system does not stop;
◎ Independent automatic deviation correction system for each roll of raw materials to reduce the deviation of raw materials;
◎ Each group of raw materials has a detectable photoelectric eye detection joint, which can automatically reject the waste joint system.
A fully automatic wet wipes production line produces disposable household Cleaning wipes or Baby wipes.
Automatically slitting, folding, adding liquid medicine, cutting to a fixed length, counting and stacking, and then automatically transporting to the packaging machine for packaging.
The raw material of this machine adopts the automatic material changing device without stopping, which reduces the time for replacing the raw material and effectively improves the work efficiency. All processes from raw materials to packaging finished products are completed on the machine, and the production process is fast and hygienic. The main folding machine and the packaging machine can be used in automatic connection and can be used separately and independently when producing products of special specifications, which enables customers to maximize the use of the machine and generate maximum benefits.

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