Struggle Meals, Our Asian Hate Stories & The New Wingstop Sandwiches | Dudes Behind the Foods Ep. 45

On this week’s episode of Dudes Behind the Foods, Tim and David talk about TikTok vs Instagram, cafeteria food, and Asian hate stories, while eating the new Wingstop sandwiches.

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0:00 Intro
0:41 Instagram Changed & Childhood Music
5:45 Botox & Losing Weight
7:57 The New Wingstop Sandwiches
12:21 FoodLand Hawaii & Sashimi
17:46 School Struggle Meals & David’s Covid Creation
21:10 Ad – Babbel
22:27 Lemon Pepper WET & Slang Words
27:30 Asian Hate Stories
31:56 Ad – LadderLife
33:23 Tim’s Scrap Diet
36:01 Puspos’ Wedding
39:11 Hella Hot Weather With Hoochie Daddy Shorts
41:17 Braless Movement & Pierced Nips
45:31 Final Sandwich Outro

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