Mickey Mouse Baby Ideas / 35 LOL OMG Hacks

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Rapunzel’s Dollhouse in a Backpack / 30 DIYs for LOL OMG:
Heard the news? Minnie Mouse is pregnant! Who will she have – a boy or a girl? Find out together in our new video.

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Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• scissors
• utility knife
• paintbrushes
• modeling tool
• athletic fabric
• wet wipes
• Elmer’s glue
• satin ribbons
• wire
• pieces of fake flowers
• fabric for a suit
• thin foam paper
• neon acrylic paint
• wooden ladybugs
• wheels from a toy car
• lid from a wooden box
• plastic straws
• artificial flower
• pin
• felting wool
• needle and thread
• plastic containers
• foam from a sponge
• elastic velvet
• pompom ribbon
• pipe cleaner
• Styrofoam
• sticker half-beads
• acrylic paint
• ruler
• tweezers
• paint brushes
• fabric (jersey fabric, cotton, felt, gold athletic fabric)
• rough yarn
• dry pastels
• accessory chains
• decorative piece
• gold cord
• half of a plastic egg
• cardboard
• sticker and regular rhinestones
• part of a willow branch
• embroidery thread
• decorative wire
• glass jar
• page from an old book
• veneer sheet
• foam rubber
• velour
• wooden skewer
• fabric for ruching
• gold lacy ribbon
• decorative frame
• synthetic stuffing
• decorative half-beads
• gold tassels
• glittery and regular foam paper
• shells from small garden snails
• light clay
• artificial moss
• modeling clay
• gold powder for nail art
• pebble
• dry branch
• piece of an old fabric
• hay
• empty shampoo bottle
• elastic ribbon
• leather gold belt
• paper cup
• acrylic metallic paint
• aluminum soda can
• pencil with a round eraser
• gold rope
• shirt made out of white athletic fabric and lace
• red drop-shaped rhinestone
• rhinestone ribbon
• feather boa
• wig from blue synthetic hair
• old jersey fabric
• wooden piece
• plastic half-sphere from a package
• hairtie
• red rope
• straw
• printed image of a tile
• stryofoam balls
• board
• toy ladder
• coaster mat
• egg container
• wooden skewers
• red satin fabric
• artificial fur
• decorative crown and bow-shaped pendants
• printed wallpaper with a stone print
• bobbin from thread
• plastic lids
• embroidery fabric
• twine

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